Bat Walk. Bat, Bird and Plant ID Evening Nature Walk Hardcastle Crags


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Day Walk
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Minimum 2 | Maximum 5
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Sat 26 June / Sat 21 August
Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge,, West Yorkshire
June 6pm - 11pm / August 5pm - 10pm
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This gentle, evening, summer stroll through the wonderful ancient woodlands of Hardcastle Crags, mostly follows the fast-flowing stream of Hebden Water. We’ll pause frequently to soak up the sounds of various bird calls as well as the rich variety of woodland plant life. We may also see resident roe deer and the huge nest mounds of the fascinating Northern Hairy Wood Ant.

One of the highlights of the walk is watching pipistrelle bats emerge from their roost at Gibson Mill just after sunset. We’ll also have bat detectors so that we can hear them echo-locating above us as they catch insects from the night air. We may also see frogs, toads and newts around the mill ponds.

Finally, we walk back to the car park along a well-maintained, wide, track – make sure you bring a torch for the night walking part and a supper pack.

Guide: Madeline Holloway is a natural history expert and bat surveyor with a huge amount of knowledge to share.

Grade: Leisurely 4.5 miles with little ascent/ descent. Plenty of time to stop and observe nature.


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  • 26/06/2021
  • 21/08/2021
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