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11.30am - 5.30pm
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Navigation Course
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Kinder Scout, Edale, Peak District
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Feel like you are losing the skills that you have learnt and need a refresher? Already done a course but would like the extra challenge of navigating in the dark?

This is a one day course for those who have either done the Silver Course or are competent in the use of a map and compass. The day will take place on Kinder Scout where the terrain is rough and navigation is challenging. We will be practicing walking on a bearing and using map and compass skills to find our way across the Kinder plateau. We’ll be route finding and enjoying the challenge of finding our way under  tricky circumstances.  The course begins in daylight but we will be descending in the dark which adds an extra level of challenge to the experience (excluding April – Oct dates when there will be daylight throughout). We love the unique terrain on Kinder Scout and look forward to sharing it with you!


Having previously used my map and compass skills 42 years ago, I felt the need to re-learn everything rather than relying on GPS…Clare was an excellent teacher throughout the hours around Kinder Scout: she patiently gave me time to apply re-kindled knowledge, make errors and learn from the experience, as well as learning many more navigational techniques essential for challenging terrain and poor visibility. Although mentally tiring, I felt invigorated by the whole experience and loved every second. Clare is top notch. I’d highly recommend anyone to take the leap of faith under her guidance. Excellent value for money.” Diane

Course contents: for details please click Advanced Navigation / Refresher

If you are interested in this course but the dates don’t suit then please get in touch for alternative dates.

Course Provider: All navigation courses are provided in association with our sister company, Navigation for Women


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  • 21/10/2023
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