Navigation Courses for Women

Beginners / Bronze Level Course (NNAS)

This is a two day course covering map reading and basic compass skills with plenty of time to practice in the outdoors. The course is suitable for complete beginners or those who have some experience with maps but would like a refresher.

Improvers / Silver Level Course (NNAS)

This is a 2 day course designed to improve your map reading and learn, or improve, your compass skills. You will learn how to use the map and compass to help you in good and bad visibility. You don't need to have used a compass before as the course will take you through everything step by step.

Advanced / Gold Level Course (NNAS)

This is a 2 day course aimed at experienced navigators who are interested in improving their map and compass skills in difficult terrain using contours and land forms. You must be confident using a map and compass and have completed the NNAS Silver course or have similar experience.

Map Reading Skills for the Hills

This course is a one day introduction to the art of map reading. We aim to cover the basics of map reading step by step to give you the confidence to get out and about in the hills.

Compass Skills for the Hills

This is a one-day introduction to the use of the compass to help you find your way in the hills. We aim to cover the many uses of the compass to give you the confidence to get out and about in the hills both on and off path.

Advanced Navigation Day into Night

This is a one day course for those who have either done the Silver Course or already feel comfortable using a map and compass. The day will take place on Kinder Scout where the terrain is rough and navigation is challenging. We will be practicing walking on a bearing and using map and compass skills to find our way across the Kinder plateau. We’ll be route finding and enjoying the challenge of finding our way under  tricky circumstances. We will descend in darkness, adding an extra level of challenge to the experience.

Night navigation course in the Peak Districti

Night Navigation Levels 1 and 2

Level 1 is for women who can read a map and would like to feel more confident route finding in the dark. The course aims to improve skills and confidence should you be in a situation where the light is fading.

Level 2  is for women who can read a map and use a compass to take a bearing. The course will make use of paths but will also use off track routes.

Bespoke Navigation Courses

Would you enjoy a course that is tailor-made to your requirements? Fancy a day out learning with a group of friends or colleagues? Or perhaps you would benefit from some one to one tuition? If so, please get in touch.

Course Provider: All navigation courses are provided by our sister company Navigation for Women